Songs From Stewardville

Songs From Stewardville

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Songs from Stewardville is a collection of 10 songs that accompanies the Stewardville Daily Times children’s church resource, a set of lessons that teaches valuables stewardship principles.

Songs from Stewardville includes sheet music for piano and guitar, and a CD with both vocal and instrumental tracks for each song. These catchy songs will have your kids singing about being good stewards all week long!


  • Are You Ready for Sabbath School?
  • One Penny, Two Pennies
  • Obedience
  • Good Ol’ Jack
  • Whenever Kids Pray
  • Where Your Treasure Is
  • A Generous Man
  • G-I-F-T-S
  • Exercise
  • Save the Trees

Spiral bound book with DVD. 50 pages. Copyright 2014.

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