Stewardship: Taking Care of God's Stuff God's Way

Stewardship: Taking Care of God's Stuff God's Way

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Stewardship is an important part of Christian life, but it can be difficult to explain this all-encompassing concept to children. The overarching theme is simple, but it can be challenging to explain just how stewardship extends into every part of our lives. So what's the best way to instill the value of stewardship in children?

Taking Care of God's Stuff God's Way features 23 stewardship stories for children, demonstrating how different aspects of stewardship apply to their lives. Debbonnaire includes true-to-life examples of practicing stewardship in response to God's love, written in a way children can easily understand. This book also features illustrations, presentation tips, thought questions, and activity ideas.

Use these stories for the children's focus during church, story time at a church event, children's church, or any other event that would be enhanced by a presentation to an audience of ages 3 through 12.

Paperback. 96 pages. Copyright 2013.

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