Live Stewardship, Live Happy - iFollow Leader's Guide

Live Stewardship, Live Happy - iFollow Leader's Guide

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Are you certain that you’re where God wants you to be, doing what God wants you to do? Is your time, money, health, and giftedness all work-ing for God, fitting together like clockwork?

Steward and stewardship are words we hear in church, but don’t often hear anywhere else. Some people, particularly new or newer Christians, may not be sure what these words are referring to. We get them from the Bible, and the Bible writers got them from their daily lives. Skillful stewardship, which is not necessarily easy to come by, takes a lot of learning on our part and patient training on God’s part.

This leader’s guide includes all of the information you need to start and lead a small group through Live Stewardship, Live Happy:

  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started
  • Detailed information on how to lead a group
  • Tips for conducting meetings
  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Spiritual growth activities
  • Web links

Live Stewardship, Live Happy will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of what it means to apply the principles of biblical stewardship to every aspect of your life.

This title is part of the iFollow series.

Paperback. 19 pages. Copyright 2013.

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