Lessons From My Hard Head - A 52 Week Devotional

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    Paula Sanders Blackwell

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Paula shares how her family coped with her daughter’s near suicide, living with depression, and managing tumultuous times with her faith. It is an intimate devotional that takes the reader on a journey through real life issues. She shares her life and all the lessons she has learned from triumphs and tragedies. Paula has rebuilt her relationship with God and she carefully shares her process of rebirth. This book recounts Paula’s spiritual transformation and demonstrates how she revitalized her journey.

About the Author

Paula is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She and her husband, Redell, the love of her life, live in Houston, Texas. Paula is the daughter of a minister and nurse practitioner. She attended Oakwood College (which later became Oakwood University). Paula is a writer, educator, and entrepreneur. She loves reading, writing, and singing. She finds great joy in seeing her students’ eyes light up with new educational experiences.

Paperback. Copyright 2017. 144 pages.

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