Facing Doubt: A Book for Adventist Believers 'On the Margins'

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    Reinder Bruinsma

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Many Christian believers struggle with serious doubts about their faith and their church. This is also true for Seventh-day Adventists, in particular in the Western world. Many have left the church or find themselves 'on the margins' of the church, trying to decide whether they will also leave or have the courage to stay. This book is written for that category.

The book begins with a brief analysis of the current crisis in Christianity - and in Adventism in particular. The author deals with doubts about the Christian basics and with the uneasiness many feel with regard to the church and many of its doctrines.

The author speaks of his own doubts, his concerns about present trends in the Adventist Church and his questions about particular Adventist beliefs. However, he has decided that he wants to stay and further contribute to his church. He explains his reasons for remaining, and appeals to those who 'are on the margins' to constructively deal with their doubts, to find new inspiration in their faith, and to meet the challenge of staying or (re-)connecting with their church.

Paperback. Copyright 2016. 192 pages.

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