7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation

7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation

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The Gospel of John presents wonderful stories about Jesus Christ. And 1 John contains many quotable verses that encourage faith, hope and love. How could the same author write the book of Revelation? The enigmatic symbols, fearsome beasts, violence and destruction and apostasy seem so different from John’s Christ-centered writings.

But the book of Revelation begins with the claim and promise, “The revelation of Jesus Christ…”

The seven keys are:

  • Literary context
  • Historical/cultural context
  • Key words
  • Compare with other Scripture
  • Old Testament roots
  • Jesus changes everything
  • Structure of the book

This booklet provides the keys for a fresh look for finding Jesus in the book of Revelation. It paves the way for a 10-session Bible study series called Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the book of Revelation. For more information, go to

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 75 pages.

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