Event Page Set-up Fees and Cancellation Policy

AdventSource always gathers a registrant’s name, complete address, telephone number, cell phone number and email address as part of the registration process. There is no charge for collecting this information. Any additional information you need will be charged a per line item fee. Events may need information on seminar/workshop, church, conference, church position, meal selection, language selection, handicap access, lodging selection, roommate request, etc. These set-up fees are calculated by line:

  • 0–4 line items FREE
  • 5–10 line items $ 50
  • 11–15 line items $ 75
  • 16–20 line items $100
  • 21–25 line items $125
  • 26–30 line items $150
  • 31–35 line items $175
  • 36–40 line items $200
  • 41–44 line items $275
  • 45+ line items $350


  • 1–200 registrants $3.50
  • 201–500 registrants $3.25
  • 501–1000 registrants $3.00
  • 1001+ registrants $2.75


There is a 3.5% processing fee for all registrations and cancellations paid by a credit card.


If the organization cancels the event after it has been created for the organization to review online or after the event is open for registration the organization will incur a cancellation fee as listed below.

Cancelation fee before the event is open for registration:

50% of the event set-up fee as listed in the event agreement with a minimum fee of $25.

Cancelation fee after the event is open for registration:

The organization will pay the event set-up fee as listed in the event agreement with a minimum fee of $75, the per registrant fee as outlined in the event agreement plus applicable credit card fees.


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In order to set up your event page, please download and complete the fillable PDF form and return it to If you have questions or need additional information, please email or call Heather at 402.486.8831.

Event registration is only one of the meeting planning services provided by AdventSource. For a complete list contact  


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