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Grow Your Church through Single Adult Ministries

MISSION STATEMENT: Reaching and empowering single adults to create Christ-centered safe places for fellowship, nurture, and service.

Family / Men's / Single Adult Ministries Catalog

Family / Men's / Single Adult Ministries Catalog

If you are the family ministries leader for your church, check out this catalog to find resources for family, men's, and single adult ministries.

The Online Adventist Single Adult Community

A Christ-centered online Adventist single adult community forum 'The Happenin' Place.' A place of discussion, fellowship, nurture, and support for the single adult. A place to post upcoming Adventist Single Adult Ministries.


Phone: 403.342.5044 x208

Adventist Single Adult Ministries-ASAM

Our goal is to support and nurture relationships for single adults with each other, and with other members of the church family.


Phone: 516.802.2374

Single Adult Ministries

Resources for single adult ministries

Singles Coordinator Ministry Description

Duties of the local church singles coordinator include: formation of a committee, planning events, involving singles in the worship service and Bible study.

Adventist Single Adult Ministries Quick Start Guide

Adventist Single Adult Ministries Quick Start Guide

Learn about Adventist Single Adult Ministries

NAD ASAM Convention 2009

NAD ASAM Convention 2009

Read this report and then start making plans to attend the next Adventist Single Adult Ministries convention in 2011!

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