Steps to Christ Study Guide

Steps to Christ Study Guide

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This study guide is designed to bring readers into a closer relationship with the healing love of God revealed in the pages of Steps to Christ.

It starts with a framework for understanding this classic book by Ellen White. Next, this guide presents a two-column format with the text of Steps to Christ on the inside and corresponding questions on the outside. Space is provided for notes and answers to study guide questions. Application questions at the end of each chapter will help readers integrate major points from the chapter into their personal life.

Within these pages are found time-tested secrets that have helped millions experience the joyful Christian life!

This study guide is saddlestitched [stapled] to lay flat and facilitate ease of filling in the study guide in the outer column, and journaling at the end of the chapters.

 92 pages. Copyright 2020.

Note: To order copies that are perfect bound [glued] for niche applications such as jail and prison ministry, call AdventSource 402.486.8800 to place a "custom order" for this option (minimum order is 10 copies).

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