New Generation of Adventist Families (Study Guide)

New Generation of Adventist Families (Study Guide)

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This study guide is designed to help a small group read and discuss A New Generation of Adventist Families by Monte and Norma Sahlin.

What is the Adventist family really like? Anecdotal information about Adventist family life abounds, distorting our perceptions of what is really going on. Our idealism of what we think the family should be also gets in the way of today's reality.

Have you compared notes recently with other families about the real-life issues that face your home? Have you wondered why it's so difficult to be a parent in a two-adult family, much less a single-parent home? Discussions starters is precisely why this study guide was written.

Be encouraged that the family joys and struggles you face are shared by many. Discover how the information in the book and study guide influences your family and church.

Paperback. 58 pages. Copyright 1997.

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