Media on the Brain

Media on the Brain

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We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationships, and pornography are saturating the lives of God's professed people. But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And what is the spiritual agenda in the entertainment and advertising industries?

Presented by author, speaker, and teacher, Scott Ritsema, Media on the Brain is much more than a seminar. Share this fast-paced, information-packed experience with those who need it most. Gain inspiration from families who have found freedom from media addiction. And behold something better in the character of Christ.

Programs include:

  • Conformed or Transformed: TV, the Brain, and the Science of Salvation
  • By Beholding We Become Slaves…to the High Priests of a New Religious Order
  • The Spirit of the Music Industry: How One Man Transformed American Culture
  • Musical Manipulation: How Satan Will Use Music to Deceive the Last Day Masses
  • The Counterfeit Reality: High Tech Addictions – Gaming and Pornography
  • How to Escape the Pleasure Trap – Why We’re Bored by the Bible and Have No Time to Read It

Includes 6 DVDs.

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