PowerPoint Evangelism USB

PowerPoint Evangelism USB

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People are able to remember what they see and hear. That's why we have historically used filmstrips, slides, and video projectors during evangelistic meetings. Today PowerPoint Evangelism has four-color sermon graphics and information you can use for a six-week evangelistic program.

Topics include:

  • Seven Secrets to a Happy Life
  • God Can Do Anything But Fail
  • Healing Damaged Emotions
  • How to Keep Your Spouse for Life
  • Health Reform
  • The Law of God and the Law of Moses
  • Sex and the Single Person
  • Spiritism: Beware of False Prophets
  • Baptism
  • Grace and Mercy
  • Remember Lot's Wife
  • Walking with Jesus Daily
  • What it Takes for Us to Be Free
  • Prayer
  • The Seal of God
  • Love, Courtship, and Marriage

Includes one USB with PowerPoint presentations and sermon notes in Microsoft Word.

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