Celebrate Marriage! (Spanish)

Celebrate Marriage! (Spanish)

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The 2005 Family Ministries plan book emphasizes marriage and its effect on the whole family. The concepts of marriage change depending on the time period and the culture. The focus in this book is to recapture the institution and experience of marriage as it came from the Creator’s hand and as it has been recreated in Christ.

This resource is packed with valuable program helps from sermons, to seminars, to children’s stories. You’ll also find useful articles on love, biblical passages, premarital resources, divorce and remarriage, sexual identity, and many other topics pertinent to family health.

Pastors, elders, and family ministry leaders will benefit from this collection of tools to help build up the families in and around your congregation. Though the focus is marriage, all will benefit from the study of relationships that follow God’s plan.

Paperback. Released in 2005 as the Family Ministries Planbook.

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