Empowering Couples (Spanish)

Empowering Couples (Spanish)

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In Empowering Couples, the authors want you to learn what happy couples are doing and what their strengths are. Information is based on results from couples who took the ENRICH couple inventory as part of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program.

Each chapter begins with a “couple quiz” about a specific relationship topic. Each quiz has individual scoring procedures that enable you to obtain insight into your relationship. At the end of each chapter are couple exercises, which build on the couple quizzes and focus on components found to be important for happy marriages.

Goals Of the Book

This book will help you do five basic things:

  • 1. Identify your couple strengths
  • 2. Build and increase your couple strengths
  • 3. Identify some of your stumbling blocks (issues, problems)
  • 4. Learn how to overcome your stumbling blocks by turning them into stepping stones
  • Empower your relationship by developing a plan for building a stronger and more satisfying couple relationship

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