Fitness for Life - Coordinator's Guide

Fitness for Life - Coordinator's Guide

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Fitness for Life is a ready-to-use lifestyle change outreach package combining moderate exercise, nutrition, and motivation with behavior change. Participation, not merely listening, will make participants successful. The program is designed for church and other community leaders to use in 10 weekly sessions with small or large groups. The program is appropriate for community centers, church fellowship rooms, and homes.

Fitness for Life is based on the latest research linking physical activity with mental health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and injuries. Handouts may be printed from the CD-ROM for participants to log progress and review presentations. Each 60-90 minute session includes health-promoting and risk-reducing insights in PowerPoint format. Over 300 visuals also suitable for 5-15 minute Health Nuggets.

Weekly topics in addition to exercise:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Strength-building Exercises
  • Flexibility/Stretching Exercises
  • Heart Health
  • Healthy Weight, part 1
  • Healthy Weight, part 2
  • Safety/Injury Prevention
  • Exercise for Good Bone Health
  • Exercise for Good Mental Health
  • Exercise for Lifelong Fitness

Coordinator’s guide includes:

    • Suggestions for implementing the program and speaker notes
    • CD with PowerPoint graphics for 10 sessions, promotional and participant materials to print, and additional Resources

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