A Childs Steps to Jesus | Spanish  (2 Tomos)

A Childs Steps to Jesus | Spanish (2 Tomos)

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Thousands of adults have become acquainted with Jesus through the book Steps to Christ. Now, through stories based on these topics, young children can learn the same truths. Think of this two-volume set as an introduction to Christian living for preschool children. With these basic beliefs in place, your children and grandchildren can begin a lifelong friendship with Jesus.

Stories contained in volume 1

  • God, Joseph and I (The love of God)
  • Rescued from the river (Salvation)
  • Grandma stepped on Federico! (Forgiveness)
  • Max comes home (obedience)
  • Cookies in the mail box (The Bible)
  • Beautiful bones and butterflies (The conversion)

Stories contained in volume 2

  • There are no olives tonight (Helping others)
  • Tomorrow is my birthday! (The joy that is in Jesus)
  • No food for dogs in the garden (Trust)
  • Red and purple on my feet (Our choices)
  • The terrible entanglement of Theodore (Prayer)
  • My best Friend of all (Jesus)

A parent guide is included for each topic.

Hardcover. 220 pages. Copyright 2007.

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