Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset

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In this ground-breaking book, Pastor and Life Coach Natasha introduces you to the transformative world of Mpowered Me, a program designed to help you develop a positive and powerful mindset, becoming the best version of yourself.

With sensitivity and wisdom, Natasha acknowledges the challenges many Christians face when considering therapy and spiritual growth. She addresses the question, "Why can't my spiritual relationship with Jesus be enough?" and shows that understanding your emotions and decision-making is essential for your spiritual connection to truly make sense.

Mindset Reset is not a replacement for professional therapy; it's a complementary tool that enhances your journey toward healing and empowerment. This program's success relies on three vital components: reading this book, using the separate Journal Workbook to solidify your understanding, and having a supportive accountability partner who will pray for your progress and commitment to positive change.

Within the pages of Mindset Reset, you'll be encouraged to delve into scripture, using the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) as your guide. This structured approach ensures a deep and meaningful connection with the Bible's teachings, allowing you to apply them to your life for transformative results.

Mindset Reset is your key to unlocking a positive transformation and reaching your full potential. It's time to reset your mindset, empower your life, and embrace the best version of yourself with the guidance of this remarkable book.

Paperback. Copyright 2023. 67 pages.

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