Cleansing the Sanctuary of Heart Set

Cleansing the Sanctuary of Heart Set

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Struggling to pluck the sin from your life but having trouble conquering your past? Biblical counseling is a resource for Christians who need help locating the sin in their lives and cutting it out. David and Beverly Sedlacek offer the truths they have learned through years of clinical practice in this comprehensive guide to Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart. This book is a distillation of the biblical principles the Sedlaceks have used to heal others who have sought counseling for addictions, mental and emotional disorders, relationship problems, and abuse.

The companion workbook follows each chapter in Cleaning the Sanctuary of the Heart with specific exercises designed to challenge the reader to apply the concepts to their own lives. 

Book: Paperback. Copyright 2018. 250 pages.

Workbook: Spiralbound. Copyright 2018. 92 pages.


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