Love a Mother's Baby & Daddy Cares

Love a Mother's Baby & Daddy Cares

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When newborns and children are taken away from their mothers because of incarceration, the consequences are traumatic for all involved. The important bonding that naturally occurs between a newborn and their mother does not occur. Toddlers and older children become confused, heartbroken, and sometimes angry when separated from their parents. Caregivers may be overwhelmed with the awesome responsibility of caring and providing for these children. The parent naturally wants a nurturing, caring, and safe home for her children, whether it will be temporary or permanent.

Since we all are children of God, it is imperative that we do what we can to assure that these children have an opportunity to adapt to their changed life by experiencing the joy of becoming acquainted with Jesus. The LAMB & Daddy Cares Ministry was created to fulfill this urgent need. By providing the child with the opportunity to develop social-emotionally, physically, and spiritually, not only will the child's life be enhanced, but the lives of the caregiver, family members, and parent will be enhanced as well.

The LAMB & Daddy Cares Ministry helps bridge this gap! By sending the children Christmas and birthday presents, and age-appropriate spiritual materials on behalf of and in the parent's name, they will have a connection to their parent. Your participation in the LAMB & Daddy Cares program may create the only bond the parent may have with their child while incarcerated.

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