Prison Ministries Training Curriculum

Prison Ministries Training Curriculum

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The Prison Ministries Training Curriculum was created for people who would like to become involved in prison ministries. Complete this 16-course training curriculum to learn how to witness to those in prison, and what is required in order to volunteer as a chaplain.

You can complete this curriculum by working toward the North American Division Certificate of Completion or for your own enrichment at your own pace. Whatever method of study you choose, the objective is the same—the strengthening of your ministry with Jesus.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Inmate Spiritual Counseling Training Curriculum
  • Spiritual Gifts: Keys to Ministry
  • Principles of Personal Christian Witness
  • Principles of Christian Leadership
  • How to Teach Basic Adventist Doctrine
  • Introduction to Volunteer Chaplaincy
  • Inmate Manipulations
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Criminal Justice Overview
  • Prison Subcultures
  • Qualifications and Selection Criteria for Chaplaincy
  • Chaplain Relations
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Inmate Worship
  • Introduction to Inmate Spiritual Counseling
  • Ministry to Women
  • Women’s Issues

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