Caregivers Ministry Manual

Caregivers Ministry Manual

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65.7 million Americans, almost a third of the population, serve as informal caregivers, primarily to a relative. Family caregivers are responsible for the physical, emotional, and sometimes financial support of another person, and the inherent burdens of being an unpaid family caregiver increase the risk for physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion and can lead to depression and burnout.

Caregivers need support! It is our responsibility, moreover our duty, as a church family and community members to provide it. We can do so individually or on a greater scale by establishing a caregiver support ministry in our churches. A caregivers ministry provides a place for caregivers where the love of Christ is demonstrated and felt; where their varied needs are addressed; a safe and supportive environment for caregivers to meet to share their experiences and feelings, exchange information, and be given resources to assist them.

This book will show you how to:

  • Identify the need in your church for a Caregivers Ministry
  • Cultivate necessary qualities to lead a small group
  • Survey and address needed services for caregivers
  • Create a support group
  • Work with your pastor while addressing their caregiver burden
  • Recruit and nurture volunteers
  • Identify caregiver support in the community
  • Use technology to support caregivers

This book is your complete guide to starting a Caregivers Ministry in your church. It will show you what you need to lead and develop a vital resource to support a valuable segment of the congregation and community. It provides assessments and additional resources to aid in your important ministry.

Paperback. 62 pages. Copyright 2017.

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