Autumn Gold, Winter Grace - iFollow Bible Study Guide

Autumn Gold, Winter Grace - iFollow Bible Study Guide

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If you’re wondering how to grow old gracefully, by which you mean “full of grace”—seeing the full implications of the gospel displayed in your life—then Autumn Gold, Winter Grace is a journey you’ll want to experience.

Autumn Gold, Winter Grace is a part of the iFollow series because Adventist churches are full of Christians who have entered the “autumn” of their lives. Mature Christians (and Christians who wish to be more mature in their faith) seek ways to continue growing in Christ at every stage in life. In Autumn Gold, Winter Grace, Ken McFarland has captured the essence of what it means to be a disciple entering the golden years: wanting to be sure that faith continues to mature and be relevant in facing the distinctive challenges of age. If you’re at that point in life when your body is beginning to slow down, perhaps, but your memories are crystal clear and your desire to serve the Lord is just as sharp as ever, then you’ll want to spend time with Autumn Gold, Winter Grace.

About the Author

Currently retired in the state of Nevada, Ken McFarland continues to operate Page One Communications—a full-service publishing and editorial services business. A graduate of the Andrews University Theological Seminary, Ken served a number of years as a church pastor in Texas, New Mexico, California, and Washington state. For many years, he also served the church as an editor for Insight magazine and associate editor for Signs of the Times, along with serving at Pacific Press Publishing Association.

Paperback. 110 pages. Copyright 2013. Part of the iFollow series.

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