Financial Attitudes

Financial Attitudes

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Have you ever discovered first what motivates members to give to the church before you ask them to contribute? Do you feel there are limited financial resources for the church that must be guarded at all costs? Do you understand the potential there is in new generational giving if you approach each group in the right way?

Financial Attitudes is a five-session workshop that focuses on a church member's perspective toward giving. Workshop participants will consider healthy giving attitudes, then enjoy personalizing them.

The five sessions include:

  • Do my giving reasons really matter?
  • How is my tithe being used?
  • How are my offerings distributed?
  • Is my "giving glass" half full or half empty?
  • Am I giving until it feels good?

This kit includes all the resources you need to conduct a successful workshop:

  • Leader's guide photocopyable handouts
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Bulletin insert masters

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