God's Champions

God's Champions

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Raise your young ones to be champions for God by delighting them with some gripping tales from the Scriptures as they learn the life stories of twenty-four of God’s heroes throughout the Bible. Teach your children to have the tact of Abigail, the courage of Caleb, the willingness of Philip and the diligence of Miriam. There are even more characters to thrill your children with, there are the lesser-known figures such as Jehosheba and Barnabas, as well as familiar favourites such as Rahab and Zacchaeus.

Scripture locations are given at the start of each story so that your children can find the relevant passages in the Bible for themselves, and the lessons are reinforced with take-home messages and Bible texts at the end. May each of these wonderful stories inspire your own children to be God’s champions too!

Copyright 2020. 87 pages.

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