Discovering the Miracles of Jesus Coloring Book Vol. 2

Discovering the Miracles of Jesus Coloring Book Vol. 2

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Color your way through the miracles of Jesus and learn about God’s plan to save us!

When Jesus walked on this earth, He performed many miracles that were amazing! Jesus is God, and has power over everything: nature, demons, diseases and death. And He also has great compassion; therefore, He delivered those who were fearful, relieved those who were suffering, and provided for those who had needs. Each miracle points to Jesus as the One who wins the war against evil. Exciting, isn't it? 

In this coloring book from Jesus 101/4Kids, you'll join your guide, Lizzy, for a fun journey through some of Jesus' best-known miracles. Each coloring page features a short summary of the miracle illustrated on the page, as well as a QR code for smart phones/tablets that links to a complementary 90-second animated video that tells each story. 

Above all, in this coloring book we will get to know Jesus a little bit better. So... are you excited? Grab your favorite coloring pencils or crayons, and let's get started! 

Paperback. Copyright 2020. 24 pages.

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