Reach for the Stars - Who's the Greatest PDF Download

Reach for the Stars - Who's the Greatest PDF Download

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Remember the old rhyme, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” As a child, did you discover the answer? As an adult, are you satisfied with what you found?

Welcome to Who’s the Greatest, a program designed to help 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders discover the ultimate answer to an even greater question.

The goal of the program is to redirect a child’s focus away from the idolization of faulty role models and in its place offer true and positive examples of lives connected to the Greatest Hero of all time, Jesus Christ. As they renew acquaintances with familiar Bible friends and meet new friends through history and present-day drama, they will be prepared to reexamine their goals and dreams for the future.

Through hands-on learning centers, music, drama and captivating scriptural teaching, students will travel through the Great Leaders Museum visiting the rooms of:

  • Great Leaders in Medicine and Health
  • Great Diplomats
  • Great Athletes
  • Great Thinkers and Writers
  • Great Artists
  • Great Musicians

They will laugh at the antics of Professor Potts and wonder at the accomplishments of spirit-filled men and women, but most of all they will praise the name of Jesus, the greatest leader of all time.

157 pages. Copyright 1997.

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