I Want To Be Healthy

I Want To Be Healthy

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While the primary goal of these programs is to lead little ones to Jesus, we work through the familiar physical world of children to help them gain a sense of spiritual awareness.

Feeling good or feeling bad has a dramatic effect on a small child's ability to learn and develop mentally and spiritually. It is hard to let the imagination freely explore spiritual things, such as an unseen Jesus, when one's attention is focused on immediate discomfort in one's body.

This program emphasizes, in a simple and practical way, the laws of cause-and-effect as they pertain to maintaining good health. It is never too early to encourage a sense of how one's body feels, and how feeling good comes from Jesus through the practice of healthy habits.

This program does not address special health situations. Our goal is to help small children, even those with long-term diseases or disabilities, to understand that there are many things they enjoy which come from Jesus--sunshine, good food, fresh air, clean water, etc.--and those are things that can help them feel happy in their bodies as well as in their minds.

Includes program outline, sheet music, supply list, and instructions.

Paperback. 93 pages. Copyright 2002.

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