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This program covers the basics of an average church service, condensed in to the child's Sabbath school hour.

By including a significant section of the program which deals with the "church" service aspect of Sabbath morning, we are not attempting to advocate actual church service attendance for little children and infants over childcare programs outside the sanctuary.

Some parents and congregations feel that the nature of the adult program, with its behaviors and attention demands, and the length of time involved in a full morning's meetings, may very well be too much for little ones. Other parents feel it is important to worship as a family unit, choosing to endure the difficulties of child attendance in order to develop early habits of discipline and reverence in their little ones. Some congregation strongly encourage one way or the other.

Either way, this program is designed to be relevant and helpful to the very small child. For those children who do not attend the adult services in the sanctuary, this program will give them a taste for what is to come later and lets them "pretend" to worship like Mommy and Daddy. For those children who attend services with their parents, this program can serve to enhance their understanding and encourage proper appreciation for, and appropriate behavior in the sanctuary.

Includes program outline, sheet music, complete supply list, and instructions.

Paperback. 76 pages. Copyright 2002.

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