Sea of Miracles VBX Mountaintop Manual (Prayer Station)

Sea of Miracles VBX Mountaintop Manual (Prayer Station)

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Xperience creative ways to pray and discover the joy of spending time with Jesus.

Day 1:Children will create a unique secret hideout to remind them to spend quality time with Jesus. Each child will draw a picture and write a prayer next to it expressing what they want to do with Jesus in their secret hideout place. This activity reminds kids that they can develop a closer relationship with God. Additional activity includes sharing ideas of places they could spend time with Jesus in their home.

Day 2: Children will make a heartbreak pot to illustrate how Jesus can heal our hearts even though we’ve been broken. They’ll write encouraging words, phrases, and Bible verses on broken teapot pieces. Children will then use those pieces to reassemble their teapots. This activity reminds children that they can take their hurts to Jesus, and He can mend their hearts.

Day 3: During this Mountaintop activity, each child will be given a flameless tea light to symbolize Jesus. Just like these lights help them to be brave when it’s dark, Jesus can help them face their fears when they’re afraid. Children can keep their lights to remind them that Jesus is with them. Additional activity includes writing prayers in their journals.

Day 4: Children are reminded that they are saved by faith and not deeds. Children will have an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Savior. After prayer, they will be given paper to write a prayer of thanks to Jesus. The activity concludes as children place their prayers on a cross one by one.

Day 5: Kids will be reminded to care for others by writing and decorating blessing cards. This activity encourages kids to ask for the Lord’s guidance by praying that God show them what special blessing they should share with the individual who will receive the card they are making.

Paperback Copyright 2018. 20 pages.

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