Sea of Miracles VBX Shepherds' Field Manual (Game Station)

Sea of Miracles VBX Shepherds' Field Manual (Game Station)

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This manual includes the games for each day at Sea of Miracles VBX.

Day 1: Shepherd Staff Challenge is an instructional game that demonstrates our ability to follow Jesus. Children will be placed into teams and each child will be given a staff and instructional cues to follow. It illustrates how our Rabbi calls us to follow Him wherever He may lead.

Day 2: Tic-Tac-Toe Relay is a strategic game which calls for children to heavily rely on each other. This game will emphasize the concept that Jesus is our Healer and He sets us free.

Day 3: Tater Challenge is similar to a timed hot potato game. Children will be given water balloons while arranged in a large circle. The game will communicate bravery through Jesus who helps us overcome fear.

Day 4: Rescue Relay is a relay game that promotes faith. This game requires children to form a human chain and take turns rescuing one another. It illustrates how Jesus performed the ultimate rescue by coming to earth to save each of us for all eternity.

Day 5: Donkey Relay Challenge is a timed relay race. The objective of this game is for children to crawl from one side to another without dropping a plate that will be placed on their back. This game promotes the service of helping others while reminding children that Jesus cares for us so we can care for others.

Paperback. Copyright 2018.

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