Forecasting Hope Kit

Forecasting Hope Kit

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Forecasting Hope is an easy, ready-to-use evangelistic package for pastors, lay people, or anyone who wants to share the truth of Bible prophecy while pointing people to an intimate, life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Developed by Evangelist David Klinedinst, Forecasting Hope presents Bible prophecy from a Christ-centered, positive, and relational perspective. The series is turn-key but also completely editable – you can preach it as is or make it your own to fit the demographics of your unique audience or tailor it to fit your own ministry context.

This kit comes with everything you need to host your own event:

  1. 21 Evangelistic sermons
  2. Fully editable word-for-word manuscripts
  3. Professional designed, modern presentation slides (PowerPoint and Keynote)
  4. Instructions for how to host and connect with your guests
  5. Series schedule and event planning resources
  6. Video instructions on what to do each night and recorded role plays on how to visit people

With the purchase of this kit you get exclusive access to evangelistic coaching tools that have been developed by David Klinedinst. These tools include visitation coaching videos and conversation prompts for helping your guests make decisions for Christ.

Looking for more information about this kit? Click on this link for complete descriptions and graphics. 

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