Why Knot? DVD - 2nd Edition

Why Knot? DVD - 2nd Edition

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This DVD contains a 2-hour feature in both English and Spanish.

An introduction to knots, splices, and rope. Perfect for learning knots alone, or for use with a group.

Join Will and Ned as they learn all they need to know to earn the Knot Tying Honor. Why Knot? focuses on the how and why of 47 knots and 6 splices. Each knot and splice is viewed from the unique perspective of showing what the rope and your hands are doing as you tie the knot. Practice along with the video, then pause to check the knot.

Each knot and splice is tied twice to allow time to practice. When comfortable with the knot or splice, move on and watch real people use the knot in real situations. It's fun to know how to tie a knot and it's exciting to know why!

Why Knot? is great for:

  • Youth groups
  • Pathfinders/Scouts
  • Military
  • Campers
  • Backpackers
  • Horseback riders
  • Sailors and rock climbers

Bonus features include presentations on rope and rope making, speed knots, and neck tie knots.

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