Why Knot? Starter Package with DVD

Why Knot? Starter Package with DVD

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The Why Knot? DVD provides an introduction to knots, splices, and rope that is perfect for learning on your own or for teaching a group. In this 2-hour knot tying DVD, you will learn 47 knots and 6 splices as well as which knot is best for a specific job.

Why Knot? takes the innovative approach of showing how the knots and splices are tied from the perspective of the person actually tying the knot or creating the splice. Once you know how to tie the knot, you will then see how the knot can be used. While it is interesting to know to tie a knot, it's also exciting to know when to use the knot.

Why Knot? also contains 34 minutes of bonus material, language options, and simple navigation control. Get a starter kit that includes:

  • The Why Knot? DVD
  • 1 package knot tying rope
  • 1 FREE package splicing rope

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