A Practical Guide for Club Members

A Practical Guide for Club Members

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Have the youth in your church expressed a desire to take an active part in ministry? Are they ready to take their relationships with Christ to the next level? If so, then Pathfinder ministry is the answer. Pathfinders are part of a worldwide youth organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As a result of this ministry the youth will develop a lifelong relationship with Christ, learn how to witness, and be empowered for ministry. Author Gregory M. Carmichael shares what he has learned through years of Pathfinder club experience.

This book is full of valuable information on many topics including:

  • Conduct expected of a Pathfinder
  • Managing school and Pathfinder assignments
  • The Pathfinder organization
  • Pathfinder honors
  • Uniform protocol
  • Preparation for leadership
  • And much more!

This practical guide focuses on the responsibilities of the Pathfinder club member, the organization structure of this ministry, the rewards of club membership, interactive training and leadership opportunities, and much more. A must read for all Pathfinder club members.

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