Pathfinder Secretary/Treasurer Certification - Presenter's Guide

Pathfinder Secretary/Treasurer Certification - Presenter's Guide

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Pathfinder Club Secretary/Treasurer Certification is something that every staff member responsible for records or money should complete. These seven workshops present the basics for tracking information and funds that your club needs to be successful.

Presenters responsible for these workshops should make sure that, in addition to communicating the information, they take time to make the workshop practical and give participants time to think about how they are going to apply this in their club.

Workshops in the Secretary / Treasurer Certification include:

  • Reports, Records and Merit Systems—PFAD 140
  • Annual Calendar Development—PFAD 141
  • Forms: Health and Medical, Permissions, Volunteer and Vehicle Driver forms—PFAD 142
  • Club Finances—FINA 100
  • Introduction to Budgeting—FINA 101
  • Introduction to Fundraising—FINA 110
  • Practical Communication—CMME 104

Each of the workshops include a description of the content, the audience or participants that you can anticipate will attend, resource material, what your participants will learn, basic content for the workshop and suggested activities.

Pathfinder Club Secretary/Treasurer Certification is part of the Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) which includes certifications for Adventurer Club Ministries, Pathfinder Club Ministries, Master Guides, and Youth Ministries.

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