Embrace of God

Embrace of God

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God is reaching out to you...Do you see Him as He really is? It is almost inevitable—what we think and feel about our parents shapes our view of God. Our childhood and even adult relationships with our parents form our expectations of how God will treat us. At their best, parents paint for us a limited portrait of a loving God. The human shortcomings of all parents can distort that portrait. We form false views of God that bring confusion. Wariness. Perhaps even deep wounds that ravage trust.

All of us can benefit from examining the roots of how we see God—to understand how we can experience The Embrace of God.

The Embrace of God offers a fresh, provocative profile of Heavenly Father—His trustworthy character, His constant presence, and His unending love—comparing and contrasting the various patterns of parenting to God's perfection. The Embrace of God shows how we can put away our misconceptions of God and receive His warm embrace.

Paperback. 219 pages. Copyright 1996.

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