Most Important Questions DVD + Workbook Set

Most Important Questions DVD + Workbook Set

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Designed to stem the tide of teens leaving our churches, this popular video series addresses the gauntlet of big, core questions today’s Christian youth constantly grapple with. These lessons are filled with fascinating facts, great illustrations, Scripture, and relevant stories. The set includes 10 one-hour presentations on 5 DVDs, plus a 126-page full-color workbook.

10 video Bible lessons cover these practical topics:

  • Is There a God?
  • Is the Bible True?
  • How Did I Get Here?
  • Can I Live Forever?
  • Who Am I?
  • What About My Body?
  • What is God’s Will for My Life?
  • What About My Relationships?
  • How Can I have Purity, Peace, and Power?
  • Who Needs Church?

About the Workbook:

The workbook has all the answers teens are looking for today―and gets them deep into the Word of God. This is a must-have resource for every teen, and it will keep teens engaged in the discussion before and after each program so the truths they learn will stay with them for a long time to come!

Pastor Doug Batchelor says, “Today’s Christian kids have been so bombarded by the values of the world that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between them and non-believers. Their faith has been resting on a cracking foundation, so we chose to answer their important questions in the most direct, faith-building way possible, and we’re thrilled to hear the response. I highly recommend this set for your church and home!”

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