Ship That Out-Sails All Modern Ships

Ship That Out-Sails All Modern Ships

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For centuries scholars, writers, and religious teachers have taught that the new world began in Africa after the flood, and that it is the motherland of the human race. Through the Bible and archeological and geological discoveries, this book leads readers into the adventure of a lifetime.

Using the Noah’s ark as an example, this book demonstrates to youth God’s role as the Great Protector and Great Provider. This book opens with the story of a ship that was specially constructed to withstand the most destructive flood earth has ever seen. Through all the storms and hurricanes throughout the ages, no other ship would have stood up to the boisterous waves and howling winds like this special ship.

This book includes:

  • The Call and Preparation
  • The Flood
  • Modern Ships Compared to Noah’s Ark
  • The Antediluvians
  • Not All Animals Went into the Ark Two by Two
  • Fossils Tell the Flood was Global
  • Creationist’s Timeline
  • Maps
  • Trees of Noah’s Time
  • And more!

Paperbabk. 230 Pages. Copyright 2009. 

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