History of the Colored People

History of the Colored People

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People today do not know where their skin color came from. Throughout the ages they have been told that Africa is the mother country, from which all races and colors originated. Others believe humans descended from monkeys.

This book shows the true place of mankind’s origin, according to the Bible. The information in this book will help people learn how to better relate to one another. Link the past to the present with this informative biblical history book.

This book includes:

  • God Created One Man and One Woman
  • Where Did All the Skin Colors Come From?
  • Cells, Genes, and DNA
  • The Genealogy of Ham
  • Pagan Religion Developed After the Flood
  • Cities Nimrod the Cushite Built
  • And more!

Paperback. 409 Pages. Copyright 2009.

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