Momentum Youth Bible Study Series - Set of 28

Momentum Youth Bible Study Series - Set of 28

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These new Momentum Youth Bible Study guides introduce or re-affirm our 28 fundamental beliefs in a new and refreshing way. The set includes the following titles:

  1. The Book Report (The Bible)
  2. Family Reunion - Part 1 (The Trinity)
  3. Family Reunion - Part 2 (God the Father)
  4. Family Reunion - Part 3 (God the Son)
  5. Family Reunion - Part 4 (God the Holy Spirit)
  6. Family Reunion - Part 5 (Creation)
  7. The Babysitting Disaster (The Nature of Humanity)
  8. Caught in the Weed(s) (The Great Controversy)
  9. Easter Eggs? (Life, Death, & Resurrection of Christ)
  10. Meeting Christ by the Campfire (The Experience of Salvation)
  11. Caught Red Handed (Growing in Christ)
  12. Facing the Saints (The Church)
  13. The Truth About the Remnant (The Remnant & Its Mission)
  14. It's a Team Game (Unity in the Body of Christ)
  15. Cannonball Baptism (Baptism)
  16. Chips for Communion? (The Lord's Supper)
  17. America's Got (No) Talent (Spiritual Gifts & Ministries)
  18. The Gift of Prophecy (The Gift of Prophecy)
  19. Rules of the Road (The Law of God)
  20. "Tryouts" (The Sabbath)
  21. The 1st Paycheck (Stewardship) 
  22. Busted... (Christian Behavior)
  23. Dress Shopping (Marriage and the Family)
  24. Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary (Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary)
  25. Tragedy Hits Close to Home (The Second Coming of Christ)
  26. Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One (Death & Resurrection)
  27. Bus Ride (The Millennium & the End of Sin)
  28. The Winter Banquet (The New Earth)

The first six studies are the foundation and should be done in order. After that you can continue the series or skip around to the area that you or your group want to study next.

Enjoy learning about a God who loved you before you were born and loves you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

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