7 Principles for Youth Ministry Excellence

7 Principles for Youth Ministry Excellence

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After extensive research over many years, Jim Feldbush and Steve Yeagley, in association with Ron Whitehead and the Center for Youth Evangelism, have discovered why some youth/young adult groups grow spiritually and numerically while others stagnate. If you only read one book on youth ministry this year, Seven Principles will give you a broad base of creative ideas to incorporate into your work.

Packed full of practical ideas and Biblical wisdom, Seven Principles for Youth Ministry Excellence is a must-read for anyone thinking about entering youth ministry—and for those who would like to discover how to improve an existing ministry. In addition to detailed information on each of the seven principles, this volume also includes sections with ready-made interactive workshop activities, standard youth ministry forms for photocopying and distribution, and recommendations for dozens of books, DVDs, websites and training opportunities.

Grow Spiritually. Equip for Leadership. Nurture Relationships. Plan With Purpose. Empower Others. Promote Your Ministry. Mobilize for Service Evangelism.

Each principle is divided into eight sections, including a short dramatic sketch—perfect for breaking the ice during training sessions, as well as questions to help you assess your achievement in a particular area, and practical suggestions for making the most of your ministry.

Paperback. 199 pages. Copyright 1999, Updated 2007. 

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