The Season of Hope

The Season of Hope

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The Season of Hope addresses an array of questions from youth-serving organizations about protecting children in a nonprofit’s charge from harm, whether they are program participants, employees, or volunteers.

This new, comprehensive, practical book encompasses much of the material in the center's well-received Child Abuse Prevention Primer (out of print) and much, much more. Learn which risks are inherent in your program due to the developmental stage (infancy through adolescence) of the participants. Build your own plan from examples of risk management strategies for violence, health, injuries and accidents, and Internet access. Its broad focus speaks to youth development professionals, executive directors, board members, directors of volunteers, and human resource managers. Adults can no longer ensure the safety of young people as they grow and develop, but they can mitigate the risks inherent in their youth-serving programs with help from The Season of Hope.

Paperback. 156 pages. Copyright 2004.

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