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Changed 3

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Are you looking for a book you can actually read from cover to cover? You sat through many sermons and have been given “the talk” more than once and it’s still not happening for you. Have you been looking for a book that gets it? A book that is written not by experts on youth, but by people that have not forgotten where they came from and how messed up life can be. You’ve found the right book. Read it. Now, this book comes with a warning! Reading this book will NOT change you – but God might! As you relate to the writers and their own pain and brokenness, their joys and disappointments, God can bring the healing and the courage you need to stand for what you believe. Dealing with issues of your past? Read this book. Have you lost your way and your place? Read this book. Are you dealing with sexual issues? Read this book. Having boyfriend or girlfriend issues? Read this book. Are you dealing with abuse or are you having a hard time making decisions? Read this book. Are you dealing with loss? Read this book. Changed is a book designed just for you. Changed is the kind of book that everyone over 12 and under 25 should read and share with their friends. This is a book that will make you laugh and cry, smile and shake your head, and ultimately make you a real person with a real life but completely Changed, inside out! Enjoy it.

Paperback. 128 pages. Copyright 2012.

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