Mission Lifeguard Leadership Book - PDF Download

Mission Lifeguard Leadership Book - PDF Download

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If you go to a beach with a sign posted that says, “Warning! No lifeguard on duty! Swim at your own risk!” you know that you’re on your own if you swim there. If you drown, it’s your own fault. But if you go to a beach that has lifeguards, you’re no longer on your own, swimming in potentially dangerous waters. It’s still possible to drown, but not very likely.

What’s it like at your church? Do youth and young adults swim at their own risk? If they drown spiritually, is it their own fault? Or are there lifeguards on duty who watch out for young people who might get into trouble in the water?

Too many young people are spiritually drowning at church.

Mission Lifeguard can help equip your church to save the lives of young people who are drowning. It’s about church members reaching out to young people and assisting them in connecting with Jesus, the abundant life-giver.

This Mission Lifeguard handbook outlines simple steps that will help you spot youth and young adults who might be drowning, surround them with a swim team to reduce their risk of going under, and send lifeguards to bring back those who are missing. It contains step-by-step instructions to help you start praying, recruit and gather your team, and connect with God and young people.

Are you ready to be a Mission Lifeguard? Use this resource to make your church a safe place for youth and young adults.

PDF. Copyright 2012, updated in 2013.

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