Qs 4 U Card Set

Qs 4 U Card Set

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Just about everyone likes to be part of a discussion, but most wait until the discussion gets going. Often you have to start with light and superficial topics until people have warmed up and start talking about the really good (and deep and important) stuff.

With Qs 4 U can help you get discussions started. With more than 75 cards in the deck, the leader might pre-select 15-20 for the group to choose at a particular time. By choosing a card, participants feel a sense of control rather than being interrogated by the leader. Each card has two questions. The participant can read both aloud and then choose one. Again, this provides more sense of control for the participant.

Be sure to give participants some time to think through answers because the questions do call for some deeper thinking. After a participant answers, open the discussion to the group. You can also have the person select another person to answer the question not yet answered on that same card. (Both questions are related, but stated slightly differently.)

You can also divide your group into sets of two partners and have one person from each group respond to the same question; then switch and have their partner answer the second question.

When discussion stops (or when the leader decides it’s time to move one), have someone pick another card and start with a new set of questions.

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