Servant of God

Servant of God

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“There are literally thousands in this world and church mentored by Pastor Leo.” — Pastor Wayne Hicks 

Told in Leo’s engaging style, he shares stories of his experiences growing up in Brazil, conversion to Adventism, and 33 years of General Conference Youth Ministry. You will see how Leo’s field of labor for Jesus started in southern Brazil and grew to Youth Ministry all over the world. In the process he visited 150 countries and islands, every state in the US, and all but one state in Brazil. 

Leo shares stories from his travels around the world leading countless Youth Rallies, Weeks of Prayer, and Pathfinder Camporees. Learn about how he was served spaghetti for every meal at a Camporee after announcing his Italian heritage, the time he preached barefoot, when he was mistaken for a general while wearing his Pathfinder uniform, and more. 

Anyone interested in Youth Ministry and Pathfinder Club history will enjoy this book.

Paperback. Copyright 2022.

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