Far From The Norm

Far From The Norm

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Norm and Barb Middag devoted more than four decades to youth ministry across the North American Division. During that time, thousands of campers and staff members were impacted by their example of successful Christian living and selfless service. After retirement, Norm and Barb remained committed to ministry, serving as emeritus mentors to youth ministers, advisors to Pathfinder Club leaders, consultants to camp directors, and contributors to numerous publications.

In January 2017, scores of grateful adults who had flourished as young people under the influence of Norm and Barb gathered at Camp Kulaqua to honor them. Though in his late 80s, Norm retained his air of authority and keen wit as he presided over line calls in his unique way. Barb, ever by Norm’s side, was as gracious and fun-loving as always. Attendees laughed, cried, shared memories of how Norm and Barb had impacted them, sang the meal prayer songs with gusto, participated in Camp Council plays, and toured the camp’s nature center, which was renamed the Middag Nature Center in honor of this beloved couple.

Norm developed the nature center in the 1970s as the first state-certified camp zoo. He envisioned it not only as an animal exhibition site but also as a center for educational excellence, connecting children and educators with the natural world and the God who created it. All proceeds from this book will go to advance that goal.

Paperback. Copyright 2021. 293 pages.   

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