Small Is Big

Small Is Big

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Everyone says small groups are the ideal forum for ministry, but so many people have been part of a small group that seemed dead, so they have given up in silent despair. They won't bad-mouth small groups, but they have an attitude of "been there; tried that (and it didn't work)." The lingering fear is that something must be wrong with me if I'm not in a small group, or it's just not happening in the one I attend.

Of course, not all small groups are the same. In fact, some function as evangelistic units or cells that focus on growing in size and splitting into other cell groups. Another model is a personal Bible study small group that seeks to understand God or religion through a focused study of Scripture. Some small groups seem to be little more than a social club under a thin spiritual guise.

This DVD presents a fresh model for small groups with a focus on personal growth in a spiritual context. Discover how to avoid several sure killers of small groups, as well as they key components for making your small group vibrant and intimate. Is this the only way to do small groups? No, it's just the best way!

This is part of a 4-DVD series from Steve Case on youth leadership training.

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