Summer Ministries

Summer Ministries

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Not every summer is spent in sand, sun, and sports. More teens want to become involved in ministry that serves communities. Summer Ministries is about how to lead your church, regardless of its size, into the rewarding arena of targeted project evangelism.

The manual is divided into four sections, each dealing with ministries that involve different levels of commitment:

Section One: Small-but-Smart Summer Ministries
  • How to begin a summer ministry project
  • Creative ideas for getting started
  • Getting volunteers
  • Targeting your ministry
  • Fundraising
Section Two: Medium-Sized Summer Ministries
  • Challenging projects from soup kitchens to repair shops
Section Three: Large, Urban Summer Ministries
  • Why urban churches need to minister to their communities
  • Five "mega-projects" that involve the entire church
Section Four: Urban Embrace--The Details
  • Beginning, implementing, and following up a large, inner-city ministry project
  • How to train volunteers
  • Get community involvement
  • Programming

Order Summer Ministries now if your church is seeking an upbeat approach to make a difference in your community.

Paperback. 131 pages. Copyright 1997.

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