Bible Studies Ministry Descripton

Revival and church renewal take place when members use their Bibles to witness for Christ.

Outreach Ideas for Youth Ministries

Share these outreach ideas with your youth to get their creative juices flowing. Ask them to provide a list of their own ideas.

Discover Bible Lessons Available in Audio, Braille, and Large Print

Christian Record Services, Inc. distributes the Discover course lessons to people who are legally blind or have physical impairments that prevent...

HeartQuest - Now on DVD

Now you can show HeartQuest in your home, church or fellowship hall on your own schedule.

God Isn't Fair

The evidence is overwhelming. Missionaries are kidnapped and killed after serving in remote locations. CEOs make millions in shady deals and get off...

The Pleasure of God!

Too many Christians are like Odysseus of Greek mythology, utterly seduced by the songs of the Sirens.

How to Witness Without Embarrassing God

I gave up on witnessing. It’s not that I wasn’t grateful for the salvation I have through Jesus. I was grateful and really wanted to tell others about...

Website for Seekers

The North American Division has created a new website for seekers, This website features a series of 28 short videos that...

A Guide to Getting Decisions for Christ

How can we become more successful in leading men and women to make a favorable decision for Christ and His Church? Here are some principles to keep...

51 Ways PlusLine Can Help You & Your Church

PlusLine is a clearing house for ministry ideas and information. Hundreds of church members, pastors and church workers have accessed this free...

How to Die Right and Live to Tell About It

This seminar takes the “Dying to Self” statements out of the world of clichés and puts them into practical reality.

Tired of Being Stressed?

Sharing brochure about Sabbath as a Park in Time.

Just Walk Across the Room

Bill Hybels outlines simple steps for developing friendships, discovering stories and discerning appropriate next steps in pointing people to faith.

The Final Crisis

A Pocket Signs that looks how today's news headlines fit into the signs of earth's close and the Second Coming of Christ.

Balanced Living Health Tracts

Balance Magazine, Balance Bulletin or Balance Health Tracts make sharing our health message easy and affordable.

Economic Crisis and Your Future

In just a few paragraphs this Pocket Signs brings hope for the future and puts the economic crisis in perspective.

2012 Doomsday or Distraction?

This Signs Special issue addresses these questions and provides biblically sound answers as to what we can expect when the “end of the world” does...

Truth Matters

Four sharing magazines that share Adventist beliefs.

We Ate Granola Before Granola was Cool

Vibrant Life celebrates 125 years of sharing a message of health.

Why Harvest Now

Why should we be involved in the harvest?

Ten Tips for Reconnecting

Would you like your church to become a magnet for missing members and others who have stopped attending? Here are some suggestions to help you make it...

Special Creation Week Edition

Special edition of Creation Illustrated for Creation Sabbath.

Engaging the Closed Minded

Dan Day provides principles that work and shows how to use them in real-life conversations and situations.

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